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Commercial Voiceover DemoMarissa Christie
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Marissa Christie’s professional voiceover capabilities–along with her 12+ years of experience in content creation, strategy, and marketing for digital, social media, and print – have been used in commercials across many industries, including toys and products for children as well as teenagers/young adults, healthcare promotions, public service announcements (PSAs), banking and financial institutions, and mobile gaming apps.


With Marissa’s background in strategic communications and marketing, she understands exactly how important it is to find the right voice for your brand.​

Check out some of Marissa's recent commercial voiceover work:

How can Marissa be a resource for your brand?

As a millennial with an authentic Gen Z college student sound

Marissa Christie worked in the higher education space for more than five years, orchestrating networking events and creating promotional content for Gen Z college students and recent graduates, and working regularly with colleges and universities in the admissions department, student success programs, career services office, and college/university marketing teams.


If you’re looking for an enthusiastic female voiceover talent with a younger, upbeat, authentically Gen Z sound for your college or university promotional campaign, reach out to Marissa today at with the subject line Higher Ed Voiceover.

As the reassuring and comforting older sister persona

Marissa’s recent work includes pediatric healthcare voiceover for Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. Marissa’s young adult sound and reassuring, engaging voice were called upon to provide voiceover for an animated video for kids and young adults who may find themselves in the emergency department.


If you’re interested in an upbeat young adult female voiceover for your pediatric medical voiceover, or pediatric pharmaceutical voiceover campaign, or to promote your children’s hospital, email with the subject line Pediatric Healthcare Voiceover.

For a Public Service Announcement (PSA) voiceover

For many years, Marissa Christie worked at a non-profit economic development organization, writing copy and creating persuasive messaging to reach Gen Z young professionals interested in making an impact in their career, volunteer work, or internship opportunities. Effective and persuasive content is key to a successful public service announcement, or PSA, campaign, and Marissa’s background in the non-profit industry, plus her compelling, trustworthy voiceover work in PSAs promoting public transportation safety, the Covid-19 vaccine (in both English and Spanish), and ending period poverty for teenagers, give her the right background and experience for supporting your next impactful public service announcement (PSA) voiceover campaign.


Want Marissa to provide voiceover services for your next PSA campaign video? Email Marissa at with the subject line PSA Campaign Voiceover

As the energetic voice in your mobile app advertising

Marissa Christie’s quirky voiceover work for the cinematic trailer-style commercial for the mobile gaming app BRIXITY, amassing nearly 500,000 views on YouTube, features her high-pitched voiceover capabilities across both animation, as she voices the character of “Brix,” combined with her commercial voiceover skills, advertising the new video game for mobile in a teaser video before launch. The mobile game commercial for iOS and Android walks users through the features and functionality of the mobile game through a bright and bubbly animated narration by the character Brix, telling the story in an excited, youthful, and upbeat way.


Email Marissa about your video game commercial or paid ad campaign for your next mobile app at with the subject line Mobile Gaming App Voiceover

In social media campaigns for kids/children's toys

Working with screen-free wooden toy manufacturer Melissa & Doug, Marissa Christie provided copywriting and dynamic voiceover for several social media posts, part of a marketing campaign for millennial moms promoting imaginative and engaging toys for children under 3. As the “fun aunt” to two creative toddlers, Marissa loved writing and voicing the content for these social media videos, providing real, authentic, and conversational copy and playful and upbeat voiceover from her own perspective. Can’t get more authentic content than that! :) 

And, yes – “cool aunt” points were earned after sharing these toy videos with my niece and nephew. Check out the voiceover in the promotional social campaign videos here, and email Marissa for any voiceover for social media coming up on your content calendar at with the subject line Social Media Voiceover Work

Ready to jump in?

I'd love to learn more about your commercial voiceover project! Let's talk more about your script and get started.

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