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Need a voice to cut through the AI noise with a real human voiceover?

Here are just a few ways that Marissa's engaging and relatable voice can connect with your corporate narration audience:

What to Expect at a Doctor or Hospital Visit (Kids Healthcare Explainer Video)

For children’s hospitals, reassuring anxious patients that everything is going to be okay is essential. In a recent project with Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, Marissa Christie provided voiceover narration for an explainer video for what to expect when you’re visiting the emergency department at the hospital.


In a step-by-step guide walking patients through the check-in process, waiting room frustrations, and what to expect when the doctor is ready, the voiceover for the animated explainer content reflected the warm, reassuring, and comforting tone needed for nervous kids in the emergency room. Marissa’s authentic young adult sound made the narrator a relatable peer offering guidance – just what an uneasy patient, and their parents, may need on a visit to the hospital.

Want to lock in Marissa for your next kids health or children’s hospital marketing explainer video? Contact Marissa Christie for voiceover support at with the subject line Kids Health Explainer Video.


Enjoyable and engaging tech explainer videos to connect with new users

Marissa’s professional experience includes content strategy consulting for a technology solutions company, which often includes determining the most effective content to connect to a unique audience to allow them to learn about and understand an innovative new solution.


Video content, specifically tech explainer videos, offer an easy way to walk users through a new technology, educating them with compelling voiceover and visuals, and using empathy to connect, engage, and make an impact.


As a female voiceover artist specializing in explainer video content, Marissa’s unique, vibrant, and entertaining sound gets the attention of viewers immediately, and keeps them engaged and learning so they can have a solid understanding of new tech by the end of the how-to video.

Voiceover for Corporate Narration

Corporate Narration Demo - Marissa ChristieMarissa C

Corporate narration or explainer videos can be a powerful way to share quick and engaging how-to guides for your users and audience about your product, business, or services. Selecting the right voiceover artist to represent your company or organization in your explainer video is so important for keeping your viewers interested and paying attention. In our distracted world where having multiple tabs open at one time is commonplace, it’s important that your explainer video content, whether animated or live-action, has a trustworthy, impactful, and user-friendly voice to cut through the noise, literally and figuratively, and succeed in educating your users.

And, let's be honest, nothing connects with viewers more than explainer videos with a real human voiceover that's genuine, authentic, and able to relate to your audience.


Marissa Christie’s voice is different and distinct, and her professional voiceover work as a female voiceover for explainer videos reflects her ability to cut through the distractions, and reach audiences in a personable and authentic way.

Cut through the digital noise with a unique professional voice for your explainer video.

I'd love to learn more about your explainer video voiceover project! Let's talk more about your audience and goals and get started.

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