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Recent Voiceover Work

BRIXITY: Trailer Voiceover for Mobile Video Game App for iOS and Android

Trailer for new mobile video game app for iOS and Android by Devsisters USA called BRIXITY, a sandbox city-building game, where I provided an energetic young adult voiceover for the character of Brix. Check out the voiceover on YouTube below!

Community Health Services - Spanish

Informative and relatable radio campaign featuring my Spanish language voiceover work for a regional healthcare clinic highlighting affordable care, Covid-19 vaccines, and ease of access. As a bilingual voiceover artist, it's always fun to have the opportunity to flex my Spanish-speaking voiceover muscles!

Melissa & Doug: Social Media Content

This social media campaign was one in a series of three (3) voiceovers I completed for social posts highlighting Melissa & Doug's screen-free wooden toys for kids. With a playful and authentic voice, and copy written from my own perspective, I was able to play the role of the "cool aunt" -- a title I'm proud to have IRL, too!

Stanford Medicine Children's Health: Emergency Department Explainer for Kids

Visiting the Emergency Department can be scary! In this medical explainer video, my reassuring and warm voiceover work walks nervous kids through the process of checking in, waiting, and being seen in the Stanford Pediatrics Emergency Department. 

Community Health Services - English

This healthcare voiceover project was part of a series of seven (7) commercials promoting affordable healthcare and access to Covid-19 vaccines. As a bilingual voiceover artist, I voiced each commercial in both English and Spanish, providing a warm, reassuring, and educational voiceover to encourage new patients to visit the healthcare clinic.

R.L. Stine Story Club: Kid's Podcast

I love listening to audiodramas, and being able to provide audiodrama voiceover for a kids podcast, playing a quirky young adult who loves science, was so much fun. A production of GoKidGo, the R.L. Stine Story Club podcast is an audiodrama for kids. In this episode, I voiced the characters of Rita, a nerdy and excitable student, and the millennial Mom.

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