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Marissa’s Distinct Voice 🤝 Your Animated Voiceover Project

Bright and sunny characters for kids animation voiceover

Marissa Christie was the voiceover artist in a recent project with Devsisters USA, playing the main character voice in a mobile gaming app trailer – the environmentally-focused and quirky fictional character of “Brix” for the social sandbox city-building game, BRIXITY. In her work on this project, Marissa worked directly with the video game producers and directors to craft the ideal bubbly, enthusiastic, and compassionate voice for the animated mobile game app trailer. 

Email Marissa about providing the voiceover for your female video game or mobile game character, or your next animated series, at with the subject line Animation Voiceover Work


Trustworthy and educational voiceover for learning games

Having grown up on educational computer games like the award-winning mystery games of Nancy Drew, and with her previous voiceover work in educational mobile games like BRIXITY, Marissa Christie’s is excited to continue putting her young adult female voiceover skills to work in educational animated content for kids, young adults, and teens.


From the millennial mom to the snarky pre-teen, Marissa’s distinct sound can help bring your educational animation content and the vibrant characters within it to life.

Contact Marissa Christie today for your next learning video game today by emailing Marissa here with the subject line Educational Animation Voiceover

Voiceover for Animation

Character/Animation Demo - Marissa Christie

The most memorable animated character voiceovers are those that are unique, quirky, and stand out from the rest. As a millennial herself, Marissa Christie’s distinct young adult/teenager/Gen Z sound has always made her sound younger than she is (a blessing and a curse!), but in her professional voiceover work in animation, her playful and youthful voice fits right in. Marissa’s vocal range spans from the sassy and sarcastic tween to the fast-talking, quick-witted teacher’s pet, to the engaging and relatable college student… all personas that Marissa embodied in her own life, too. 


Check out Marissa’s recent character/animation work, and reach out to Marissa today to provide a unique and memorable young adult female voiceover for your next animated series, e-learning resource for students, educational content, video game, or animated short.

Have a character in need of a voice?

I'd love to learn more about your animation voiceover project! Let's talk more about your characters and get started.

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